Ground Handling Services

ATTS offers comprehensive ground-handling services to its clients through strategic partnerships with leading ground-handling companies across India. These services are designed to ensure smooth and efficient operations while providing competitive rates and adhering to the highest standards of safety and quality.

1. Pan-India Agreements with Top Ground Handling Companies

ATTS has established pan-India agreements with reputable ground-handling companies. These partnerships enable ATTS to offer its clients access to a vast network of ground-handling services at various airports throughout the country.

By leveraging its negotiating power and long-standing relationships, ATTS can secure competitive rates from these ground-handling companies, ensuring that its clients enjoy cost-effective services without compromising quality or safety.

2. Stringent Selection Process and Compliance

ATTS adheres to a rigorous selection process when choosing its ground-handling partners. All partners must be authorized and cleared by the [Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS)]( to operate within the aviation sector. This ensures they comply with all relevant regulations, security protocols, and industry best practices.

Additionally, ATTS mandates that its ground-handling partners maintain appropriate third-party insurance coverage, providing clients with added protection and peace of mind. This comprehensive approach to partner selection ensures that ATTS’s clients receive services from professional, compliant, and insured ground-handling companies.

3. Quality Monitoring and Oversight

ATTS actively monitors the quality of services provided by its ground-handling partners to maintain the highest standards of operational excellence. This includes regular audits and inspections to assess staff training programs, equipment maintenance records, and adherence to safety protocols.

By closely monitoring these aspects, ATTS can identify areas for improvement and work collaboratively with its partners to implement corrective measures, ensuring that clients receive consistent, reliable, and safe ground handling services across all locations.

4. Comprehensive Ground Handling Services

ATTS’s ground handling services encompass a wide range of activities, including but not limited to:

– Aircraft marshalling and positioning
– Baggage and cargo handling
– Passenger assistance and support
– Aircraft cleaning and catering services
– Fuel and water servicing
– Ground power unit (GPU) and air-conditioning unit (ACU) provisions
– Pushback and towing services

By offering a comprehensive suite of ground handling services through its trusted partners, ATTS ensures that its clients’ aircraft operations run smoothly and efficiently, from arrival to departure, at every airport within its network.

ATTS’s commitment to partnering with authorized, insured, and rigorously vetted ground-handling companies, coupled with its quality monitoring efforts and competitive pricing, positions it as a reliable and trusted provider of ground-handling services within the Indian aviation industry.